Baby Boomer Retirement

The next life "event" for Baby boomers is retirement. The good news is that we are going to do retirement better than it has ever been done before. This website will help you find an exciting, fulfilling retirement that is worthy of our boomer heritage. You will find links on this page to the best places for baby boomers to retire, helpful articles about selecting a community and other retirement topics, even a Forum where you can discuss concerns and questions with your peers.


Key Baby Boomer Retirement Issues

There are 76 million baby boomers born between 1946 and 1964. Having negotiated adolescence, raised a family, and succeeded in a career, their next life “event” is retirement. Baby boomers face high expectations and many challenges in retirement. As charter members of the “youth” generation they will have trouble accepting what they consider the boring retirements of their parents. For this generation retirement must be meaningful, interesting, and different. On the other hand many baby boomers are going to be strapped financially in their retirements. Their 401ks have been hammered, many did not save enough in their peak earning years, some took forced retirement early, and almost no one is getting what now seem like the lavish defined benefit-type pension plans of their parents.

Baby boomers can choose from a number of different type retirements:

  • Active adult communities or 55+ communities
  • Small town retirement
  • College town retirement
  • Retirement in a large or mid-sized city
  • Cohousing (where residents share certain facilities)
  • Retirement in a foreign country
  • Stay where they live now
  • Retire to a mixed generation retirement
  • A life of volunteerism or special activities

Whatever retirement choice baby boomers might happen to make, they are sure to have a strong influence on the communities and institutions they move to. That influence will come partially from sheer numbers because there are so many of them, and partially from baby boomers’ unique way of looking at the world. Use the resources on this site to find out more about baby boomer retirement options and trends.




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